About Me



My name is Laura Lloyd and I am a full time painter and clay slinger in St Louis, Missouri. I have an art studio in the beautiful Foundry Art Center in St Charles  where you can watch me and other artist in their studios do what they do and make fabulous art.

I grew up in a very small rural town in Wisconsin. I have always had a passion for bright color (it makes me happy) and faces (I find them fascinating!).  When I was 10 I begged my mom for this crazy, hippy, florescent colored "love" wall paper for my room only to tear it off a few years later and paint a very large floating head. Lucky for me my mom usually went along with my hair brain ideas.

I create art because it is fun. In my studio-and in my life-play and discovery are often my dearest and most constant companions

My multilayered paintings begin with color, shapes, and bold mark-making; this is usually intuitive and free flowing, and I just observe what's happening on the canvas. Sometimes I have a figure in mind, but I remain open and just play at this stage. Almost inevitably a figure shows up and then I explore how the figure and abstract areas interact, going back and forth, layering, removing, adding. I have been in love with faces for as long as I can remember and the contrast with the abstract elements is something I really enjoy. I love combining a classical style of painting and smashing it with the contemporary.

I create fun and weird stuff to make people smile and remind them that it's ok to be happy. I hope my work reflects my love and curiosity towards people and the joy I feel from being alive.

When I am not happily immersed in making something I can be found hiking, biking or digging in the garden.